Juice definition and meaning


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Pour[2] over the drained[3] tomato[4] juice and vinegar[5]. Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Just boil[6] and add[7] the meat juice to serve[8]. The Sun (2016)

Diet[9] drinks and juice also[10] had no effect[11]. The Sun (2016)

Transfer[12] to a small pan[13] and season[14] with salt[15] and lemon[16] juice. Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Too busy[17] to cook and juice? The Sun (2016)

Season to taste[18] with salt, pepper[19] and lemon juice. Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Whisk[20] together[21] 1 tbsp of olive[22] oil with the lemon juice and zest[23]. Times, Sunday Times (2017)

Vogue[24] was feeling[25] peckish[26], so had a couple[27] of mini[28] croissants and an orange[29] juice. The Sun (2016)

Because cranberry[30] juice can cure[31] a bladder[32] infection[33], right[34]? The Sun (2016)

Turn[35] down the heat[36] under the chicory[37] to medium[38] and add the orange zest and reserved[39] juice. Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Just drink lots[40] of juice and get[41] lots of sleep[42]. The Sun (2014)

Then add the orange juice and brandy[43] and blend[44] further. Times, Sunday Times (2014)

Soak[45] fruit in juice or tea[46] overnight[47]. The Sun (2009)

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